Case Studies

Applications won through Appeal


Thornacre Road, Shipley, Bradford

Case: Two storey side extension, previously refused twice, due to overlooking and dominance over facing neighbour. Proposal won at appeal.

Client’s Comments;

’Mike put together a well-constructed appeal, he was very professional and straight to the point, and (his) final costs were as quoted’’.


‘’I would not hesitate to use his services again’’


Appeal site is to the left of the photograph.


Cherry Clough Way, Blackburn, Lancashire

Front, side and rear extensions refused by Local Planning Authority, won at appeal

Case: Extension to front, side and rear of existing bungalow, refused by LPA due to impact on the character and appearance of the established streetscene. Proposal won on appeal, as argument in favour of siting within streetscene accepted by Planning Inspector.

Appeal is fifth house to right

Appeal is fifth house to right


photo 1 (1)

Extension in situ

Quote from Client;

 ‘‘Hi mike as you can see we have now finished the outside at the front and it looks fantastic we love it and so do the neighbours we would like to thank you again for a good job done we would recommend you every time’’


Gainsborough Drive, Adel, Leeds  

Appeal Allowed for a first floor side extension to existing semi-detached dwelling

Case: First storey side extension to match that adjacent. Appeal site on right on first photograph, and neighbours existing extension (similar to proposal) on second photograph. LPA refusal on impact on existing character and appearance of streetscene, and loss to symmetry of host dwelling. Appeal won with regards to others in streetscene giving weight to the proposal.

Adel- censored picture

Appeal dwelling is to the right


adjacent semi with existing extension similar to appeal

adjacent semi with existing extension similar to appeal



Progress Avenue, Harden, Bingley, West Yorkshire

Case: Two storey side extension refused by LPA with regards to impact on streetscene. Won on appeal as an ‘integrated extension’, not requiring subservience. The Inspector supported the appellants view that an integrated extension would not compromise the setting within the streetscene. It is of note that a subservient extension would be more in line with LPA policy, but in this case would be detrimental to the design of the existing streetscene.




Support Statements for Planning Applications – Approved


Barn Conversion, Norland, Halifax, West Yorkshire

Case: Residential conversion with new pitched roof. Previous green belt refusal due to excessive volume increase and this cumulative increase impacting on the openness of the green belt. Re-submission of a smaller scheme, to limit volume increase, and to improve existing unorthodox, and in-complete design. Application Approved.







Oxenhope, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Case: Two storey side extension (in space to right of existing large barn conversion), for a new Granny Annex.  Argument to overcome green belt restrictions and justification were successful, given the large scale of the conversion already previously approved. Approval Granted



High Street, Steeton, West Yorkshire

Case: An extra dwelling unit added on the end of a small terrace of 5 existing units, as an integrated extension. Matching fenestration details and materials helped to address concerns about location within a Conservation Area. Further concerns regarding close proximity to an adjacent beck, with regards to flooding and wildlife habitat were also successfully addressed. Application Approved



Dwelling at Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

New windows, alterations and rooflights to existing dwelling

Case:  To provide extended and new openings on the second floor, while protecting adjacent residential amenity of neighbours, whilst also providing good design. Extension of existing second floor window to replicate that below, as well as new gable end windows and rooflights. Application Approved.

Hebden photo - Deborah


Other Planning Approvals

Lawful Development Certificate, Oxenhope, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Case: Proposal site is a green field area of land located in the Green Belt. This area of land was successfully argued as lawful use as a garden, weighed on the balance of probabilities, over the last ten years.



Land at Colne/Keighley Road, Cowling, North Yorkshire

Concept Planning Statement submitted to Craven Council


Site Area : 2.9 Hectares

Cowling web picture 2

Remit by Council

To submit a Concept Statement with indicative drawings to show that 30 dwellings can be achieved on a site in Cowling, that would then result in it being given preferred status above other proposed local sites that have also achieved Phase One status as a SHLAA site (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment).

Issues Addressed

  • Principle of New Housing on open field site to fulfil SHLAA criteria for preferred sites.
  • Two proposed schemes submitted, each for 30 units of mixed types taking into account Affordable Housing requirement of 40%.
  • Impact on streetscene, Conservation Area, and green field siting between Cowling and Lane Ends.
  • The challenge to provide 30 mixed housing units whilst also providing for a degree of acceptable Public Open Space, and maintaining a green wedge between existing urban settlements.
  • Site is currently progressing as a preferred status site.


Land adjcent to ASDA, Bradford Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Case: Large scale food and non-food retail development on site on edge of town centre. Sequential test assessment submitted with application to weigh up benefit of siting in accordance with restrictive policy.  Application approved.